Where Avengers Endgame let me down. *SPOILERS*

Where Avengers Endgame let me down. *SPOILERS*

Last night, I saw Avengers Endgame and although everyone in my friend group loved it, I wasn’t blown away.

At first I thought there was one specific reason it didn’t work for me but after giving it some time (a.k.a about ten hours), I just kept finding more and more things that annoy me. And I know I’m hard to please when it comes to stories but some of these made me cringe so hard I though my face would get stuck in a grimace.

Of course, this is just my opinion and I’m not saying you can’t like this movie. Writing this out has helped me move on 😉 . But do let me know what you think.


Professor Hulk

When the new and *insert eyeroll here* improved Bruce first appears in the restaurant scene, I was intrigued. The combination of Bruce and Hulk sounds great and could have been awesome. Unfortunately, they kept on making it awkward, so I don’t know how to feel about him anymore. When he was talking about Natasha, it didn’t make me feel anything. Probably because he was used as comic relief throughout the movie. The more serious conversations missed their mark.


First of all, let me make it extremely clear that I do not mind Thor gaining weight. What pissed me off was that they treat him as a joke, the entire time. They kept zooming in on his belly, they kept joking about him gaining weight and being drunk, the entire movie. Something to laugh at, to break the tension. They could have treated his PTSD and depression with respect but they chose not to. I cannot tell you how much I hate what they did to his character.

It also bothered me that, when he skips his way past Loki, he doesn’t react to seeing his brother again. His brother who is DEAD and he just walks on. Luckily we still have Frigga, she seems to be the only person who cares.


I’m going to try and keep it short (like Loki’s appearances in this movie) because honestly I could go on for hours. This was the big factor that made me dislike this movie until I realized that there was actually a lot more I didn’t appreciate.

Here’s the thing. Loki isn’t an Avenger. Neither are a lot of the other characters in this movie. BUT Loki is the reason the Avengers came together. He has played a massive part in this franchise. You’d think they would give him more than two lines but you’d be wrong, like I was. He got exactly two lines. One as Captain America, one as himself. Then he was gagged and minutes later he disappeared. That’s it, that’s all we see except for the brief glance where Thor passes by his cell from The Dark World.

It wasn’t enough.

There’s a moment in the big fight-scene where Wang asks: “What more could you possibly want?” and I just wanted him to appear behind him and say “Another God on your side maybe?”. Now we just have to accept that he tried to kill the guy who tortured him with a butter-knife. Loki deserved to fight Thanos by actually using his powers. Also, he knew how to use the Tesseract to open a portal. He had the Tesseract on the ship. Why didn’t he use it?

FU, Marvel. Seriously. (Now all my hope is on Mackenzi Lee who has a Loki, anti-hero book coming out soon-ish. Please, Mackenzi, please, save him.)

The Girl Power Scene

You probably know what I mean, it’s where, during the final fight, all the Marvel women stand together to get the glove to the time-machine. In my opinion, it couldn’t have been more forced. As if we don’t know that all the women are completely badass.

And before you go “It’s never good enough for you”, please look closely at that scene and tell me if it really works or not. I still prefer good storytelling. When Scarlett Witch faces Thanos, that was good storytelling. There’s a difference.

Is there anything you did like?

Yes. I liked Tony. He stayed true to his character. I loved his scenes with Morgan. I love that she loved him 3000 and he loved her 3000 back. I suspected that he was going to die and I appreciated the way it happened. Doctor Strange and Tony’s interaction in that moment was perfect. And of course I cried, I’m not a monster. When he dies and the music stopped, the theater (that was sold out btw) was completely quiet. You could literally hear a pin drop. I love how respectful everyone in the audience was.

Steve picking up Mjölnir, and the audience screaming, was one of my favourite parts. Everyone just went nuts. I’m not sure what to think of Cap during the time-travel though. I liked the Hail Hydra but the two Caps fighting, although funny, should have messed some stuff up. Also, him staying in the past… I mean, I’m happy for him, but I don’t understand how it’s possible to have two Steve’s existing at the at the same time, without some sort of consequences.

I think I always knew it was unlikely to get my way but you have to keep hoping, right? I’m not sure if I’ll ever watch it again. The audience reacting made me enjoy it more than I would have, watching it at home. It’s not a bad movie. They just made some questionable decisions.

If you’ve seen the movie and you enjoyed it, I’m happy for you. If you want to talk about it, my comments are open for friendly conversation.

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