Ellen tries to write a novel #3

Ellen tries to write a novel #3

Hey! It’s been a while…

The good news is, I’ve written 3.514 words since we last spoke… the bad thing is… I haven’t written anything since September 23rd. Woops.

Life has been hectic. Work has been busy. All true, all stupid excuses.
I just haven’t made time to write.


NaNoWriMo is coming and I finally have a solid story to write down. I’m thinking about scheduling in writing time every day. The question is, do I do it in the morning? (Problem: my kids will be awake too) or do I write in the evening when my kids are in bed (Problem: I’ll probably be tired).
So I’ll try out both before November arrives and figure out which one works best.

I just really want to finish this draft.

I still love the story (or both of them actually) and I’m looking forward to sharing them with other people.

(It’s a good thing I put the deadline for the first draft on December 31st 😉 I know myself…)

See you soon!

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