Ellen tries to write a novel #2

Ellen tries to write a novel #2

I’m back… (back, back, back again…)
Things I’ve learned this week:

  • I’m not very good at keeping up with a schedule
  • I’m even worse at writing and not editing as I go

I’ve started this book about twenty times already and depending on the mood I was in, I either wrote it in English or Dutch. Oh, the joy of being multilingual… actually sometimes it really sucks because I will know the word in English but can’t remember how to say it in Dutch and vice versa. aaaaaaaanyway…



On Tuesday, I decided to translate the prologue I had written in Dutch, into English. As you will see, it’s extremely short and it still took me almost two hours until I was more or less satisfied with the result. Words… there are just too many options…

The fog floated in ribbons over the square. Cold and seemingly impenetrable, it clung to everyone who dared to venture outside.

A woman, back bent, pulled her thin cloak tighter around her shoulders. A wet strand of her long grey hair stuck to her forehead. She didn’t care, didn’t try to push it back. Once she made it inside, the droplets on her skin and clothes would dry up fast enough.

She summoned her strength and inched the massive wooden door open, just enough for her to disappear through. The door closed soundlessly behind her.
Even though the mist swallowed most of the sounds that morning, the people on the square still heard the screams. When they hurried to the doors, they found them locked.

Inside, history was being written in blood.

In front of the altar, the stones turned red.

I even changed things after pasting it here. Please, make me stop.
I’ve heard a lot of people say they just write and write and write and edit later. I just can’t write that way. It drives me nuts.

  • the third thing I’ve discovered: having a side-project doesn’t distract me nearly as much as I thought it would

There’s this little story with a lot of female friendship and magic that I once wrote part of the outline for and hadn’t thought about for almost a year. Last night, I dreamt about it and this morning I looked up what I wrote down last time… and I liked it.

Image from Pinterest

This main project is a heavy one with lots of research and details. The other is much younger, based very loosely on my own teenage years but with magic added in. It’s easier to write and by that I mean that it flows more naturally. I’m also writing it in Dutch 😉 I see it as a kind of practice… stretching my writing capabilities, honing my neglected talent (ahem…).
Now that it’s officially autumn here, it’s especially fun to write something witchy 🙂 .

I want to keep reminding myself that this is not my job, it’s something I spend my free time doing… and I want to have as much fun as possible.
And who knows, maybe I’m not meant to write a historical novel… maybe I’m supposed to write Young Adult fantasy… The only way to find out is to try both.

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