August 2018: Wrap-up

August 2018: Wrap-up

Summer has come and gone, it’s starting to look a lot like autumn here in Belgium. Time to wrap up the past reading month.

The month started off with the 2018 BookTubeAThon and this year, I did extremely well. I read 6 of the 7 books. I guess I could have read 7 but the last book I selected wasn’t working for me. So I decided to call it quits.

These are the books I read:
breakfast at tiffany's

Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Truman Capote

This one is very, very short. So short in fact that I finished it without realising that it was over. My copy had two short stories added in and I was halfway through the first one before I understood that what I was reading had nothing to do with Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I think that also gives you a good idea of how I felt about this story.

Because it’s only 100 pages long, you don’t really get the opportunity to connect with the characters. By the time they’re all introduced, you’re almost a third in and after that, not a lot happens…

I also watched the movie. The only thing I liked was Audrey Hepburn. I HATED the male main-character and I also disliked that they made it into a romance. In the book they only manage to build this weird, dysfunctional friendship. Oh, I lied… I also liked the cat.

booktubeathon the storied life of aj fikry gabrielle zevin

The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry – Gabrielle Zevin

This one I liked a lot more. It might have something to do with all the literary references or the fact that the main-character owns a bookshop + another character is a representative for a publishing company + another character was left in the bookshop as a baby. There are sad moments and funny moments and a pleasant amount of true to life awkward moments. I liked how realistic it felt. At the same time though, I did feel like something was missing. Maybe it was that connection again. Although I really liked this book while I was reading it, it’s not one that I’ll think about in the future.

we're all completely beside ourselves karen joy fowler

We are all completely beside ourselves – Karen Joy Fowler

Not a winner for me. It didn’t manage to grab my attention. If I wasn’t in the middle of a ReadAThon I might have just put it down… The story was unnecessarily complicated (those lost scrapbooks…the puppet, they added nothing to the story) and the “plot twist” (and I use that term very loosely) was no surprise to me. I just didn’t care.

Girl Meets Boy Ali Smith

Girl meets Boy – Ali Smith

Loved the writing in this book. It’s part of the Canongate Myth Series of which I’ve read a few. (The Penelopiad, Ragnarok & The Hurricane Party) They are always a bit hit or miss. This one was a hit. Like I said, I really liked the writing. It was simple but lyrical at the same time, and also straight-to-the-point when needed. There were some very interesting topics and the way they were presented really made me think about how I would react in those situations. I also liked the myth and how she connected it to the story.

oscar en oma rozerood eric emmanuel schmitt

Oscar en Oma Rozerood (The Lady in Pink) – Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

This was the one I was looking forward to the most. Me reading this book has been years in the making and I’m so happy it finally happened. The book was just what I thought it would be. A knife that slowly cuts deeper. It’s innocent with dark shadows creeping closer every chapter. It does a lot in a short amount of pages. So, so good!

a monster calls patrick ness

A Monster Calls – Patrick Ness

The last book I read during that first week of August and I flew through it. Seriously, I read it in about three hours. I was so invested in the story, I didn’t want to put it down. The monster is amazing, his stories are perfection… there’s always a twist, always something you missed. It plays with the conclusions you automatically jump to because you’ve grown up reading, listening to or watching fairy tales. This unfortunately is no fairy tale. The ending had me in tears because it’s so real. I recognised myself in that boy and I wished things went differently for him. But you know, life is not a wish granting factory.

And then
I hit a reading slump.

I had read so much more than I usually do, it seems my brain needed some time away from books.

I picked up De Engelenmaker and Never Let Me Go later in the month but they were both very slow so I didn’t manage to finish them.

I did however read:
the sun and her flowers

The Sun and her Flowers – Rupi Kaur

I enjoyed Milk and Honey but didn’t love it the way everyone else seems to love it. I liked some of the poems and the same thing happened here. I think poetry is something very personal and you either connect with it or you don’t. I connected with some of the poems, others I liked because of the writing (which is excellent, don’t get me wrong!) and others still didn’t really do anything for me. And that’s all fine… I’m glad I read it because I think I’ll read everything she writes (eventually) because I really think she’s good at what she does.

Do you ever read poetry and think, Yup… That’s me… because I sure do and I had several of those moments reading this.

And just like that, September has arrived. My kids have gone back to school, we’re struggling to get back into our rhythm after two months of vacation (well, for them at least…). Work is crazy busy for me so you might not hear as much from me, it will all depend on how much time I have to read, tweet, insta, write…
But I will see you at some point, hopefully soon!

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  1. Milk and Honey had some poems that really hit home for me. I haven’t picked up The Sun and her Flowers yet – I think I might be a bit too emotional lately to handle it? I don’t know. Maybe I’ll end up doing it anyway and otherwise it’ll be for.. when my hormones aren’t everywhere and nowhere at once, haha.

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