30 before 30 – my list

30 before 30 – my list

Today is January 2nd and this is my first post of 2018. I wanted it to be something I could look back on in the future but I didn’t want to do a New Year’s resolutions post because my life is a bit chaotic right now… I honestly don’t know what the year will bring and I have a lot of things to figure out.
So 30 before 30 it is. I turned 28 back in October so I have almost two years to work on this list. I based it on the video Lucy Moon did and split the list into three parts. Life, Work and Play.
Here we go.

  • Visit 5 new places
    This can be a new country of just a city here in Belgium but it has to be a real visit, not just passing through.
  • Take care of my friendships
    How my friends can put up with me, I’ll never know. I can completely disappear and suddenly resurface weeks later. I really have to make more time to hang out with the people I love.
  • Beat my funk
    I’m in a really weird frame of mind right now and I just want to feel better again. Better about myself, about the work I do, about the choices I make,…
  • Mind what I eat
    I have a love/hate relationship with food and I just want to pay more attention to what I eat.
  • Find a sport I like
    It’s been four years since I last went climbing. That was something I really liked because it was a challenge. I’m not sure if I want to go back to climbing or if I want to do something else…
  • Build a household routine
    Might sound boring but you should see the state of my living-room right now. It’s like a bison stampede passed through… So a routine to keep everything somewhat clean would be nice.
  • Get rid of stuff I don’t use/need
    I have TOO MUCH STUFF. I’m so bad a throwing things out and that has to change.
  • Put money aside
    Pretty self-explanatory.
  • Raise money for a good cause
    Each year, we have a massive fundraising week here in Belgium. It’s called Music For Life (De warmste week) and I would like to participate next year.
  • Keep some kind of journal
    I know I won’t be able to keep this up all the time but I really want to document the next year and a half in some way. Maybe I can do a weekly update here on my blog? Although I’m not sure if I’m interesting enough… I guess I’ll just try it and we’ll find out together.
  • Take more time for myself
    This is an important one to remember. I need to take the time to do the things I like, to rest, to clear my mind…


  • Find a job I love
    I’m starting a new job at the end of the month. It’s going to be a huge challenge (just what I wanted) and I hope that I’m going to like it. It’s work.. so there will be good and bad days. But I want to feel like I accomplish something while working there. We’ll see… fingers crossed!
  • Learn new things
    This is a vague one because I just want to learn as much as possible. I’d like to be at least decent at Photoshop but other than that, I’ll just have to see what comes my way.
  • Write a book
    The first draft will do. Everything beyond that is a bonus.
  • Make something I’m proud of
    Could be anything really, just something that I’m 100% happy with.
  • Learn to say no
    I always want to help other people but I have to learn how to say no both work-related and in my personal life.


  • Learn how to take good photos
    I love photography. I understand the basics but I want to take MORE and BETTER pictures.
  • Get another tattoo
    Might happen sooner than expected…
  • Go wild-swimming
    While we were in Scotland (Skye, just to be clear), we jumped into the Fairy Pools. (Yes, we’re idiots) The water was freezing cold, not that I minded that much, but I’d rather go swimming somewhere warm next time…
  • Have a girls-only weekend
    BECAUSE BOYS SUCK!! (not really though..)
  • Explore Bruges
    I moved here seven years ago but I’m sure there’s plenty more to discover in my city.
  • Do more yoga
    It helps me calm down and I want to get better at it.
  • Go on more coffee dates
    Because coffee… and dates…
  • Set a reading goal and reach it
    I’m not sure about the number yet. How many books can I read before I turn 30? This year I read 29, but I could’ve read more… Let’s say 50. So feel free to recommend me books I need to read!
  • Bake more
    I love baking but it’s something I need to make time for. I also want to bake my own bread, just once, or maybe some baguettes.. yummmm
  • Go see a play, musical,…
    Can’t remember when I last went out and saw a play. I also love ballet so… we’ll see.
  • Pick up my guitar again
    It’s been ages since I last played and I’m not saying I want to be really good at it again (because the level I had, was achieved because of three years worth of lessons and I’m not planning on taking lessons again). I just want to be able to play a bit when I feel like it.
  • Sing more
    I used to sing all the time and I’ve recently noticed that I’ve stopped… No idea when that happened.
  • Find my favourite cocktail
    I never know what to order so I try something different every time, which in itself is good but I’d like to have a favourite… and be able to make it myself.
  • See a beautiful sunset and sunrise
    Preferably share them with someone.

There you go! Feel free to recommend me travel destinations, books to read, bakes to bake, cocktails to try…
Hope you all have a great 2018!

3 thoughts on “30 before 30 – my list

  1. If you want to keep some kind of journal, maybe your own version of a bullet journal is an idea? I have a couple of pages in mine where I’m going to glue in random pictures of fun times. You could do the same but with pictures, quotes, just memories written out, anything you feel fits?
    As for cocktails: if you haven’t been there yet, head to Limonada in Gent! [And make a girls’ weekend out of it?] They have like a ton of cocktails and so many of them are totally delicious and special!

    1. I started a bullet journal once but I just forgot about it. And no I haven’t been to the Limonada although I lived in Ghent for 3 years 😉 One day….

      1. I started one last year as well and started ignoring it after about two months. I’m hoping that it will be different. I have my blog now so the planning is pretty welcome, haha. It should be easier to keep it up.
        Oooh, that’s a shame, haha. I love going there for a cocktail. Not to mention that they have one huge one – Pipeline – and I only need half of that to get wasted. But I can’t really handle alcohol all that well. :’) Cheap way to get drunk quickly.. :’)

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