Reality vs Fiction

Reality vs Fiction

Lately, a lot of the things you hear and see on the news resemble what you had previously only read in a work of fiction. Stories dreamed up by writers suddenly become real and honestly, it’s quite frightening. Because if one thing can become reality, what’s stopping everything else from happening too?
The most recent story I heard was this:

TV show contestants spend year in wilderness – with no one watching

(source: The Guardian, click here for the full story)
Basically, they dropped a group of people in the wilderness and left them to fend for themselves. After a while they stopped broadcasting the program but still left the contestants out there, for a year…
And all I could think was: “wait a minute, I’ve read this story before!”
I give you, The Last One by Alexandra Oliva. (buy)
A group of people is dropped in the wilderness where they have to survive. They stay on the show until they give up and the show runs until there’s only one person left. There are no fixed rules, no one knows when the show will end. And then the end of the world happens, without them knowing it. Needless to say, the show is no longer broadcasting. They carry on with no one watching.
Sometimes reality resembles fiction so much it scares me.
(The book was great by the way. If you like dystopian reads, this is just the book for you.)

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